Pondicherry the best spot for diving

Diving is amongst the adventure that is there in everyone’s bucket list. Packed with beautiful marine life, Pondicherry offers the best experience of scuba diving off the country’s East Coast. To explore the rich life comprising of beautiful natural coral reefs and other exotic creatures dive into the clear sea. The happiness of taking the breath underwater, coupled with admiring the variety of fishes and corals in their bright colours is enough to love Scuba Diving for life.  It is a prime scuba diving destination for both, beginners and professionals in India. Best season highest visibility under the water is from February to April and September to November.

Cost: INR 6500-8000 per person

  1. 4 Corners

The traditional reef of 4 corners is one of the spots to enjoy scuba diving both for learners and professionals. The abundant marine life including dolphins, lionfishes, and butterflies is worth a watch. The palm leaf, rocks and plantains are found which creates magic in itself. The depth of the 4corners is up to 18 metres. This could be your best scuba diving experiences.

  1. Temple Reef

Temple reef is a great site. It is an artificial reef of maximum depth of 18 m with the fully recycled material and is simply terrific. It is made after the name of its creators i.e. The Temple Adventures. One can spot varied species of the aquatic animals and plants living on the site. The reef was made to boost the fish population in the area.

  1. Aravind’s Wall

Soon becoming as one of the most popular scuba diving sites around India, The Aravind Wall is the best drift dive site. A lot of divers can give out a natural progression due to its large area.  Lots of jackfish schools, sea snakes, spotted rays, great fan corals and beautiful colours can be seen on the reef.

  1. Ravines

A ravine is a beautiful site for scuba diving due to its flowing rocky reed bed where it is located. You can see the green and lushly farm plants that are growing over the scuba diving site. Manta Ray is found over here and this is the reason why it is known as legendary. The depth of the ravine is up to 12 meters. You will enjoy the rises and ridges of the bottom topography, finding a varied range of life along the way.

  1. The Hole

This site is founded in the March 2011, a perfect scuba diving site for the advanced level of divers. The depth of the place is around 30 metres with an undulating reef bottom and the central area is an adventurous experience for the divers. You can take the torch along with yourself to discover the hidden areas under the rock beds with different creatures. This experience will be the best times of your whole life.

You can reach Pondicherry by either train, road, or air ways as per your choice of travel. Have a safe and happy journey!