Shimla 2-day trip for bachelors

Shimla is a place where you can spend a sporty and relaxing vacation as well as a two-day bachelor’s trip. Nightlife here has all sorts of fun and crazy elements for bachelors to have the time of their life. People usually think it’s a spot where you go for honeymoons and romantic trips but it is also one of the exciting places to be with your gang and celebrate singlehood.

To hit the finest of pubs in Shimla, here are some suggestions for you:

Lobby Lounge

The Lounge and Bar located at the Oberoi Cecil is the perfect place to relax. Walk into the huge atrium and be transported back to colonial India. Vintage style London street lamps and a large fireplace, with its merrily crackling flames, just keeps you warm and fit in the coldest of winters. Sink into the comfortable seats with piano playing in the background and enjoy the finest of brews and beverages. The extensive menu has a wide range of delectable goodies. Take a culinary journey with Indian, European and Mediterranean dishes

Cost for 2 – INR 2500

Himani Bar

Head to Himani Bar after a pleasant walk through Mall Road. This popular outlet is always buzzing with activity and is a favourite with locals and visitors alike. Spend an evening with your friends on a bachelor’s trip, enjoying life while sipping in your favourite brews with a rooftop view. Best spot to enjoy an occasional smoke as you revel in the delightfully cold weather of Shimla. Reasonable with rates and free entry with a cosy ambience is a bonus.

Cost for 3 – INR 1700

Footloose Pub

Dance the night away at one of the hottest spots of Shimla with the best of Bollywood music and boasts of celebrity DJs who know how to get the party rolling. Drink, groove, get tipsy and enjoy the vibe as it comes on your bachelor’s trip. The night’s awaiting at Footloose.

Cost for 2 – INR 1100

The Pub

Looking for a place to enjoy the best brews and party? The Pub, located inside Ritz Cineplex, is full of classy people looking out to have a good time! Join the revelry as you sip on your favourite beverage, be adventurous and try something new. Foot tapping music and enthusiasm of patrons make for a vibrant, peppy ambience.

Cost for 2 – INR 850

Shimla is an adorable place to go on a short two-day bachelor’s trip. You can choose all transport facilites like Bus,Trains, Flight and car to reach Shimla from New Delhi or other cities of india. If you only have a limited days to travel, and you really want to spend some quality time in shimla, then flying is best choice.for you. Best and cheap air fares can be found only if you book your delhi to shimla flight ticket online.

 I promise you won’t regret as it welcomes you with wide arms to party and owns the nights.… Read More

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Pondicherry the best spot for diving

Diving is amongst the adventure that is there in everyone’s bucket list. Packed with beautiful marine life, Pondicherry offers the best experience of scuba diving off the country’s East Coast. To explore the rich life comprising of beautiful natural coral reefs and other exotic creatures dive into the clear sea. The happiness of taking the breath underwater, coupled with admiring the variety of fishes and corals in their bright colours is enough to love Scuba Diving for life.  It is a prime scuba diving destination for both, beginners and professionals in India. Best season highest visibility under the water is from February to April and September to November.

Cost: INR 6500-8000 per person

  1. 4 Corners

The traditional reef of 4 corners is one of the spots to enjoy scuba diving both for learners and professionals. The abundant marine life including dolphins, lionfishes, and butterflies is worth a watch. The palm leaf, rocks and plantains are found which creates magic in itself. The depth of the 4corners is up to 18 metres. This could be your best scuba diving experiences.

  1. Temple Reef

Temple reef is a great site. It is an artificial reef of maximum depth of 18 m with the fully recycled material and is simply terrific. It is made after the name of its creators i.e. The Temple Adventures. One can spot varied species of the aquatic animals and plants living on the site. The reef was made to boost the fish population in the area.

  1. Aravind’s Wall

Soon becoming as one of the most popular scuba diving sites around India, The Aravind Wall is the best drift dive site. A lot of divers can give out a natural progression due to its large area.  Lots of jackfish schools, sea snakes, spotted rays, great fan corals and beautiful colours can be seen on the reef.

  1. Ravines

A ravine is a beautiful site for scuba diving due to its flowing rocky reed bed where it is located. You can see the green and lushly farm plants that are growing over the scuba diving site. Manta Ray is found over here and this is the reason why it is known as legendary. The depth of the ravine is up to 12 meters. You will enjoy the rises and ridges of the bottom topography, finding a varied range of life along the way.

  1. The Hole

This site is founded in the March 2011, a perfect scuba diving site for the advanced level of divers. The depth of the place is around 30 metres with an undulating reef bottom and the central area is an adventurous experience for the divers. You can take the torch along with yourself to discover the hidden areas under the rock beds with different creatures. This experience will be the best times of your whole life.

You can reach Pondicherry by either train, road, or air ways as per your choice of travel. Have a safe and happy journey!

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Top Tips for choosing the best hotel in Jaipur

Comprising of a wealth of activities and heart throbbing attractions, Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in India. With such intricate and beautiful architectural gems, the city aptly displays India’s true cultural heritage. A go-to destination for shopaholics and foodies, the hotels and resorts will definitely make you feel like a royalty leaving no stones unturned in your hospitality. While choosing the perfect hotel for oneself, one must keep some of these basic tips in mind to have the smoothest trip one can imagine.

1.Budget– Everyone is on a budget, whether you are on a college trip with a light budget or on a honeymoon with a really hefty budget, Jaipur is there to provide you with every kind of hotel or resorts according to your budget. From the Leela and Oberoi’s, with the most beautiful decor and costing from INR 15,000 to 20,000 to hotels like Ibis and Sarovar Portico, with the cost range of INR 2,000-3,000 per night.


2.Location– If you want the scenic and most picturesque view that you could admire all day, then Jaipur is your shrine. From beautiful palaces to shopping hubs where one will find the most colourful trinkets which work best as souvenirs. If you are someone who would love to enjoy the peace and solace while staying at a decent distance from the main market, then hotels like Treebo, the anchorage and Fab hotel Raj Kothi are perfect for you. But if you want to enjoy the city in its prime and enjoy the bustle while you quench your midnight cravings with the most delicious street food then hotels like Hotel Hawa Mahal and Le Meridien are your go-to places


3.Facilities– If you are someone who would love to explore Jaipur in its true colours and not spend the entire time in your hotels. If you want to enjoy the true Rajasthani delicacies, explore the true cultural calling and step out of your comfort zone to experience the true Jaipuri lifestyle then hotels like Choki Dhani Resort and Arya Niwas are available. For those who want to enjoy the peace and solace you expect on a vacation and would love to exploit all the facilities provided by the hotel then places like Le Meridien, The Leela etc. are most suitable for you as they are created and accustomed according to your comfort zone.

Hoping that these tips might help you to book your ideal hotel and enjoy your ideal trip to Jaipur for your utmost satisfaction.

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