Raja Ampat, Pristine Deep Blue Sea in Papua

Raja Ampat Islands is an archipelago located in the west of the island of Papua in West Papua province, precisely at the head of birds of Papua. The islands are purpose-divers divers who are interested in the beauty of the underwater scenery. Raja Ampat Papua beach is not only offer the beauty of the underwater world, but also an exotic land. There Arborek Tourism Village which offers the beauty of the village and also saw mothers skillfully made bags.

Based on the official website of Tourism Indonesia, to discover the natural beauty Arborek is not difficult, especially underwater nature. A plunge into the sea Arborek from the dock, a variety of beautiful coral reefs have been waiting. If you want to dive with amazing sensations, you can choose a location in the middle of the sea Arborek. Enough with motorized or motorized boat ride for 10 minutes, the tourists were in the best dive sites.

Finish the dive, take out your camera and capture the moment that may be rarely seen, watched the fishermen remove the nets. Or better yet, see the fishermen catch fish with spears. Wow! Not only water, Arborek in Raja Ampat is also fun to be enjoyed from the ground. Walking along the path will be an unforgettable experience. Along the way you will be greeted warmly by residents. In fact, often inviting acquainted.

Pull your breath deeply, and exhale slowly. Enjoy the clean air generated from lush trees in Arborek. Maybe the air like this would be difficult to find so go back to their home towns. Besides the beauty of the underwater world, there are many interesting things that you can find when you are in the village of Arborek. One is chatting with Arborek famous natives are friendly. While take a walk, you can see the nimble fingers of the mother who makes bags and hats of rushes. Yes, mothers Arborek village is famous as a craftsman hats and bags. If interested, you can also learn to make.

Unlike most other village women who usually helped their husbands as fishermen, village women Arborek produce bags and hats as the main occupation. Most of them regard work as craftsmen bags and much more graceful hats for women. To reach the village Arborek, you can set off from Sorong. Then proceed using a motor boat from Sorong Fishery Port to Waisai, the district capital of Raja Ampat. From Waisai, the journey still to be continued for less than two hours by boat to the village of Arborek.