How Sardar Patel United India

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is credited with uniting India after independence by unifying all the princely states across the country. It has his vision, tact, diplomacy and pragmatic approach that more 562 princely states were integrated with the Union of India. Once India gained independence, Patel was made the deputy Prime Minister and was given the task of convincing the states to join the Indian Union.

He acted swiftly and combined the bravery of a military commander along with that of a clever diplomat and started convincing the states. He was assisted by V.P. Menon, who was the secretary of the Ministry of the States. The Princely states covered around 48{939937d5fd33a3f9daa1225f65fa09577b1b4fbe4f28469014f5042f74afcc2d} of the area of India and constituted 28{939937d5fd33a3f9daa1225f65fa09577b1b4fbe4f28469014f5042f74afcc2d} of the population. They were legally not a part of British India but subordinates to the British Empire. Patel and Menon got to work and got the 500 chiefdoms to accede to India by using different diplomatic and military tricks.

The efforts of Sardar Patel paid off and the princely states decided to join the Indian union. They also surrendered the control of thousands of villages, palaces, institutes and cash balances that eventually were used for the development of the newly formed nation. Eventually, all princely states joined the Indian union and Sardar Patel was successful in unifying India.

To pay homage to this great leader, the Indian Government in 2018 erected the Statue of Unity. It is the statue of Sardar Patel and is the tallest statue in the world. It is located by the Narmada River near the city of Vadodara.

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All you need to know about Puri – For the perfect beach honeymoon

A perfect place to start a newlife for loving honeymoons is the place Puri lying in the state of Odisha. It is very famous among tourist for the mixture of tourism and devotion. It is famous for beaches and is the best-known place for honeymoon packages. Puri having thepilgrimage centres like Rameshwaram, Badrinath and Dwarka. In India, among the holy places to visit, Puri is counted among on the seventh position.

Some of the temples in Puri

For all these religious places it is the most visited place by the travellers, tourist and honeymoons in different seasons and occasions.

  • Jagannath Temple- Jagannath temple, popularly known as Jagannath Puri Mandir, is among the char dhams and the most visited place by Hindus to obtain blessings and good vibes from the divine god.
  • Vimala Temple- Vimala temple popularly known for his lovely architecture, devoted to Vimala Devi and is situated in the complex of Jagannath Temple.
  • Konark sun temple- it is a very famous temple, devoted to the god of the Sun, it has the look of a huge stone chariot.

Some of the beaches in Purisituation in India Honeymoon & Romantic Packages

  • Baliharchandi Beach- Baliharchandi Beach is popular for serene and calm atmosphere. One of the best thing for honeymoon couples is that this beach is not crowded at all, and among the best places to spend some time in alone and to enjoy the gentle waves of the sea and the beauty of a sunset over the sea. No wonder Puri offers cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India.
  • Swargadwar beach- It is a calm and lovely beach located in Puri. The name implies “Doorway to Heaven”. It has some long shorelines and gentle waves which is very much soothing, anyone can just sit for hours and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Puribeach – this place is easily accessible by buses and taxis, this sea witnesses thousand of tourists every year, It is a very popular in puri offering Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in Indiaand a ride to boating and horseriding for extra added fun. The aarti in the evening is just worth watch and splendid.

As per Hindu beliefs puri is popular and important as well offering Honeymoon and romantic packages Indiaand yet it is another reason it is well connected via railway connecting all major cities for the ease of travelling and for pilgrimage. The railway station of puri handles almost 138,000 passengers and on a daily routine, it plies 92 trains, indeed a very hustle and busy railway platform.

Hotels in Puriprovidesbest Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India

Hotels in Puri provides best accommodation understanding how important your vacation is. The also guides tourists with their purpose of visit. Some of the highly recommended hotels in puri providing honeymoon tour packages in India is Hotel Lotus, Holiday Holiday Resort.the location is good, with good staying options for tourists with basic amenities and luxuries.

Best time to visit in Puri

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Tips for Traveling Far When Pregnant

During pregnancy, there are times when you need to travel long distances which may take more than five hours. Unlike ordinary traveling, traveling far during pregnancy requires special preparation so that fetal development in the womb remains safe. Not only that, Mother also wants to enjoy the trip without feeling low back pain or other disorders, right? Check out tips for traveling far away during the next pregnancy, ma’am!

Tips on Traveling Using a Car
A comfortable and safe trip is certainly an important thing to pay attention to for the health of pregnant women and fetal development in the womb. If you are traveling by car, you should first consider the following:

• The 14th to 28th weeks of pregnancy can generally be the safest time to travel far, for example a trip that takes more than five hours. Because, at that time the risk of my mother having a miscarriage and lower preterm labor.

• During pregnancy, you should not drive a car by yourself, especially when traveling long distances, for example out of town. So, invite your father, relatives, or closest friends, Mom.

• When traveling by car, wear a lower seat belt so as not to put too much pressure on the stomach and fetus.

• Avoid traveling far away on an empty stomach, especially if you often experience morning sickness. Provide snacks and enough water to prevent nausea.

• Bring personal medicines and various equipment that makes you feel comfortable during the trip, such as jackets and pillows.

• Prepare a plastic bag just in case if you want to vomit. Generally this condition is prone to occur in the first trimester.

• Try to get out of the car at least once every two hours to reduce the pressure on the bladder and improve blood circulation in the legs. In addition, urinating and walking for a while can also help reduce pressure on the bladder.

Tips on Traveling Using an Airplane
In addition to private cars, aircraft can generally be a transportation option for traveling long distances. Well, here are some things that need to be considered by pregnant women if they are going to take air travel:

• For pregnant women, the safest time to travel by plane is during the second trimester. Because, at that time the risk of my mother having a miscarriage and lower preterm labor.

• If you want to travel during the third trimester, it’s good for you to take a trip that is not too far away and takes less than three hours. Also provide various preparations for childbirth such as childbirth pads, changing clothes, and breastfeeding bras and pillows to anticipate unexpected delivery times.

• We recommend bringing important documents concerning pregnancy while traveling by airplane, because there are several airlines that request the information as data.

• When using a seat belt, wear it in the lower abdomen to avoid the risk of stomach distress.

• It is recommended to choose a chair close to
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