Tips for Traveling Far When Pregnant

During pregnancy, there are times when you need to travel long distances which may take more than five hours. Unlike ordinary traveling, traveling far during pregnancy requires special preparation so that fetal development in the womb remains safe. Not only that, Mother also wants to enjoy the trip without feeling low back pain or other disorders, right? Check out tips for traveling far away during the next pregnancy, ma’am!

Tips on Traveling Using a Car
A comfortable and safe trip is certainly an important thing to pay attention to for the health of pregnant women and fetal development in the womb. If you are traveling by car, you should first consider the following:

• The 14th to 28th weeks of pregnancy can generally be the safest time to travel far, for example a trip that takes more than five hours. Because, at that time the risk of my mother having a miscarriage and lower preterm labor.

• During pregnancy, you should not drive a car by yourself, especially when traveling long distances, for example out of town. So, invite your father, relatives, or closest friends, Mom.

• When traveling by car, wear a lower seat belt so as not to put too much pressure on the stomach and fetus.

• Avoid traveling far away on an empty stomach, especially if you often experience morning sickness. Provide snacks and enough water to prevent nausea.

• Bring personal medicines and various equipment that makes you feel comfortable during the trip, such as jackets and pillows.

• Prepare a plastic bag just in case if you want to vomit. Generally this condition is prone to occur in the first trimester.

• Try to get out of the car at least once every two hours to reduce the pressure on the bladder and improve blood circulation in the legs. In addition, urinating and walking for a while can also help reduce pressure on the bladder.

Tips on Traveling Using an Airplane
In addition to private cars, aircraft can generally be a transportation option for traveling long distances. Well, here are some things that need to be considered by pregnant women if they are going to take air travel:

• For pregnant women, the safest time to travel by plane is during the second trimester. Because, at that time the risk of my mother having a miscarriage and lower preterm labor.

• If you want to travel during the third trimester, it’s good for you to take a trip that is not too far away and takes less than three hours. Also provide various preparations for childbirth such as childbirth pads, changing clothes, and breastfeeding bras and pillows to anticipate unexpected delivery times.

• We recommend bringing important documents concerning pregnancy while traveling by airplane, because there are several airlines that request the information as data.

• When using a seat belt, wear it in the lower abdomen to avoid the risk of stomach distress.

• It is recommended to choose a chair close to
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8 Tips to Invite Traveling Children Away

Traveling with your child is really fun. Funny behavior and smart chirping make parents happy and laugh. However, they are not always pleasant. Because kids get bored quickly. Sitting quietly in their seats will be a torture for them. Here are 8 Tips for Inviting Traveling Children Away

1. Bring snacks
Bring enough food or snacks, this will slightly reduce boredom in your child. However, long trips do not mean that children are free of snacks. Father and Mother must still limit your child.

2. Bring Fun Toys
Toys are magical objects for children. Toys trigger imagination and bring children to forget for a moment. No need to carry all their toys at home. Just bring one or two toys they like and let their imagination go along with the journey.


3. Comfortable clothes
Clothes that are worn by the little one when traveling far also have to pay attention to your father and mother, not to make your child feel uncomfortable with the clothes they wear. Because it will make them fussy during the trip. Choose clothes for children who are not hot and absorb sweat when used and also wear the child jacket or cool clothes when night arrives.

4. Bring blankets and pillows
Bring the usual pillows and blankets. When children are tired, pillows and blankets will help them sleep well.

5. Dress Change
Bring your little change clothes more than the calculation of the length of travel. because kids are hard to guess. Father and mother do not know what will happen to Little One. For example, your baby’s clothes are spilled with milk, or your baby sweats a lot. This is one of the things that makes your child fussy.

6. Bring a Disposable Diaper
When the weather gets cold, don’t forget to bring a spare disposable diaper. Because Your Child will pee more than usual.

7. Bring a Lap / Tissue
Lap is a mandatory device that must be present with children. Can wipe cloth or wet tissue. Not only to clean children but also dirt due to their actions that stick to car parts such as seats, doorsrim, carpets and even ceiling.

8. Save In One Container
To anticipate fuss that is getting worse, you should keep your mother’s needs in one container to be easily accessible. Your child’s needs, such as milk cans, pacifiers, toys, pitchers, and others.

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Hyderabad: the trading centre of hearts

Even though Mumbai is the city that doesn’t sleep and provided it has a mesmerizing beauty of its own, people often fancy a quick getaway to nearby states to learn about their culture and lifestyle. No other place like Hyderabad. Check on to the next Mumbai to Hyderabad flights fare schedule and get your enjoyment mood on full gear!



The capital of the south Indian state of Telangana is Hyderabad. The Mughals, the Qutub Shahis, and also the Nizams play an important part in the history of the city.  The city is popular for its monuments which incorporates the masterpiece of Charminar and also the fort of Golconda. There are a large number of masjids, temples, churches, and bazaars within the town. it had been ranked third Best city to Travel in 2013 by Lonely Planet. Often known as the city of Pearls, had been the only international centre for trade of huge diamonds, emeralds, and natural pearls.


Here are some must-visit landmarks of Hyderabad:

  • Charminar is a famed landmark of Hyderabad. It is considered as a fine example of Cazia style of architecture and is made of granite and lime-mortar. Located towards the heart of the city, Charminar was built in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah. Charminar has four arches that in earlier days faced the royal streets. The minarets that stand on the corners are about fifty-six meters high. These minarets have a double balcony. There’s additionally a mosque towards the western side of the fort, on the roof. You need to climb about 150 steps to reach the top of the fort. You can get a magnificent view of the city from the top.


  • Golkonda Fort: An archaeological Gem. A treasure within the chest of Hyderabad, the archaeologic Survey of India considers the Golkonda Fort as an archaeological gem. It is a former capital of Qutb Shahi dynasty, this citadel currently is one of the renowned picnic spots in Hyderabad. An architectural masterpiece of all times, it’s a strict no to miss out on this fort of all the Hyderabad attractions.


  • Mecca Masjid: A Treasure Of old Hyderabad. A religious site by nature, Mecca or Makkah masjid happens to be one amongst the oldest places to envision in Hyderabad. Listed as one of the top heritage sites in India, the masjid got its name after the bricks that were brought for construction from the famed city of Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Standing tall at a height of twenty-three meters, this fascinating masjid isn’t solely the foremost spectacular places to visit in Hyderabad but also one of the biggest mosques in India.


  • Hussain Sagar Lake: The Jewel of Hyderabad. Considered to be one of the biggest artificial lakes within the heart of the city, Hussain Sagar Lake is one amongst the foremost romantic places to visit in Hyderabad for couples. Other than providing majestic views of the large Buddha sculpture placed in the middle of the lake, one
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